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November 17, 2016

I’m fascinated by my journey into creativity.

When does the mood take me to write? Why? What do I write? How can I make that writing better? When does my critical voice stop being constructive and start to stifle me? When am I the writer I want to be?

This blog has dropp...

April 19, 2016

It’s interesting to me where inspiration comes from. I’m intrigued because it seems to come to me from places I would otherwise not have reached if I hadn’t moved here. So is that why I’m here? To find new inspiration and connect it in someway to something I’ve brought...

August 15, 2015

What an intense weight of emotion. It’s stinging my eyes, squeezing my chest, sitting heavy in my heart and weighing my face down.

I am happy. I know I am. I feel calm on the inside. But my edges are frayed. My shell is worn thin. I’ve nothing left to fortify myself wi...

July 1, 2015

The quality time with friends, the bed linen, the finance admin, the toys, four people’s clothes, repainting the house, sightseeing in London.... Somehow it all needs fitting into life in the next six weeks. Either by squeezing it into a box to float across the sea, sh...

June 4, 2015

Today during my morning meditation I realised how happy I felt. During the last week I’ve been too busy to notice (and too busy to write any blog posts). I think it has crept slowly up on me while I was distracted by admin. It made me wonder, perhaps it’s the admin mak...

May 15, 2015

It’s an incredible unforeseen upside to this whole relocation malarky that Mark and I get to go away without the tiny ones for a week. We would never have dreamed of leaving them to go on holiday before.

Of course it’s not a real holiday – there’ll be lots of school vis...

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