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August 28, 2015

Before I left London lots of the people I love kept saying to me “Look after yourself”. I knew exactly what they meant. I would have said the same thing to them if they were leaving. My interpretation was eat well, don’t try and do too much, get some rest, don’t stress...

August 4, 2015

Yesterday was a massive day. I didn’t realise it at the time, but today I can feel the impact. 

We sent our stuff for shipping. Our house is practically empty now. We have 3 beds, 1 sofa, and a table left to go into storage. And we have some toys, 2 mugs, a few plates...

July 28, 2015

We had our leaving party this weekend. Today I’m leaving work. Tonight I’ll leave some of my closest friends in London. The leaving has started.

Generally I find it very hard to identify how I feel about it. When I know I’m going to say goodbye to someone my body seems...

July 18, 2015

I feel wild in my soul. Like all the binds and ties I’ve been building and nurturing for years are loosening.

I’m listening in a different way. Despite the overwhelming amount of admin surrounding me, I’m ignoring a lot. I’m the most reckless and carefree I’ve ever bee...

July 1, 2015

The quality time with friends, the bed linen, the finance admin, the toys, four people’s clothes, repainting the house, sightseeing in London.... Somehow it all needs fitting into life in the next six weeks. Either by squeezing it into a box to float across the sea, sh...

May 5, 2015

It’s time to say something about not being able to say anything about how I feel when I think of leaving the UK.

About how I feel when I imagine myself alone and isolated in a foreign country trying to care for my family. About how I feel when it occurs to me...

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