Starting To Feel Real

It’s starting to feel real. And very official. We have now submitted a “non-immigrant visa application DS-160”. So that means there’s officially no doubt that we want to go. The thing I’m most excited about is that I really do now have no doubt that I want to go.

We’ve identified the town we want to live in and the streets within that town which suit us. I’ve started the application process for places at a school I like for the girls, and they have been accepted for 3-4 days from Sept. We think we can afford the life we want to live, even if I don’t earn any money. Which means I can faff about working out what I want to do with my life, and not have to earn any money until I’m excited about the idea of doing so (although to fill the initial void whilst they’re at school I have an idea of how I want to spend my time for the first 3-6months). And we’ve booked a leaving party.

I can feel my wings starting to stretch. The winds are changing. I’m intrigued where they’re going take us.