On Our Way

What an intense weight of emotion. It’s stinging my eyes, squeezing my chest, sitting heavy in my heart and weighing my face down.

I am happy. I know I am. I feel calm on the inside. But my edges are frayed. My shell is worn thin. I’ve nothing left to fortify myself with. I have no choice but to do one small thing at a time. Go slowly. Take my time and look after myself. Deep breath. Focus on the calmness inside me. So that I have the capacity to look after the others who need me.

I’m preparing to take flight with my two little wildlings under my wings. My steady heart is by my side. We are on the branch. There’s no turning back. If we take one slow step at a time, even with the odd wobble, we will soon launch forward to soar to new heights.

One step at a time.