It’s interesting to me where inspiration comes from. I’m intrigued because it seems to come to me from places I would otherwise not have reached if I hadn’t moved here. So is that why I’m here? To find new inspiration and connect it in someway to something I’ve brought with me.

In the last three days a conversation about memes, a thought about the meaning of the word orange, an idea that spirals are more interesting than circles and a chance to dwell on each of those embers of inspiration has allowed me to discover a whole concept of thought that I’d never encountered before.

Spiral Dynamics covers pretty much everything I’ve learnt in the last year or so; it encapsulates my growth and my values in one theory (albeit a complicated one, made a bit simpler by this Wholefoods article). In summary, my understanding is that to evolve your consciousness to a higher level you need to open your heart wider and extend love, care and compassion further. It’s a dynamic process that is forever shifting between different levels of perspective. And in the end the purpose is integration of an individual and community into a mesh that both preserves life as a whole and flows from life itself.

It is both nature and nurture – the interaction between inner forces (genetic heritage, biochemistry, brain, mind) and the existential without (learning, experience, life conditions). The inner drive and outer forces coexist and interact; they are forever meshed and flowing.

The connection of this dynamic life to spirals is through the Fibonacci sequence and pi. They give spherical symmetry, which forms and breaks, to form an imperfect spiral in life. The perfect spherical shape is forced forward by the constant action of life (known as the Planck constant); it’s the process which we see and feel as the flow of time.

The whole thing is absolutely fascinating and mind boggling, and would never have crossed my path had I stuck to my old routes. Like the lines on a finger print, the petals of a flower and the seeds in a pine cone, I’m spiraling around an idea to create the imperfect form of something I can’t see. But I don’t think I need to see it, I’m intrigued enough to continue moving forward regardless.