Mother It's Time - A Poem

Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

We’ve been raised to believe that our worth is in caring,

Not for ourselves as much as for others. Well now you must do that. With a rebellious streak. For now is the time to reveal yourself, true and deep. Sink into your wisdom, what you’ve always known. How to save food. How to say no. Stand in your courage, name what you’ll fight for. Your child’s right to an education. Your own space to grow. Call forth your ancestors, the ones who fought wars. She mended tanks, worked the maths, served food and fixed bones. These energies within you have been overlooked for years. Decades of waiting to be seen, heard, revered. We are the ones who can now raise justice. Continue the work of women before who lived days worse than This. Collect your evidence, dream of your story, listen to your innards. What is the change you feel is needed within This. Ask for it. Say it. For the sake of us all. This is how it will be. This is what’s needed for you, him, her and me. For we are We. Gender regardless. We’ve learned what we need to thrive past This. When This has vanished, the toll will be counted. We are the ones who’ll take pride in our navigation. Never again will his-story be the only journey told. Now is the time for you to own the future for when they are old. Her-story is your story, again and again. Find her, remind her, be the woman you wanted, the sister, the friend. We’ll remember the sweetness, the kindness, the moments. The tender fear, the shocking reality, the feeling of broken. They’ll remember the way we looked into their eyes. Our calm presence, our clear knowing, our willingness to bend. You are ready Mother. You are needed. Don’t be subsumed with more email, manic messaging, or trivial meetings. Now is the time to design the way you live. Start with what’s needed to source peace within you. And from there we’ll all rise. With you. Chaos regardless, raising children, running businesses, respecting elders. *You got this.* Today, tomorrow, and onwards.

With love, from Rachel x (18.03.2020)