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What's It Like To Work With Me?

I blend my professional training in Co-Active coaching, experience as a senior business leader and the hands-on reality of life as a parent, to expand your potential. 

I passionately support people who want genuine success in their life. I believe you are at your best when you fully express yourself and live into who you are, in any situation. Although actually achieving that can be much harder than it seems.

In my 1-to-1 coaching and group workshops, I expand feminine leadership behaviours such as emotional intelligence, intuition, connection and imagination to reveal your full power.  Using proven methods we make concrete progress towards your goals. We will develop a vision that inspires you, understand the values that create your life's balance and guide you into actions which satisfy you.

My aim is that you move through life filled with the confidence of who you are and knowing how you want to be.

"Before I started coaching I was at a stage of zero confidence, overwhelmed by the pressure of working mum life in a fast paced career, something had to change. Rachel has a unique and special way of helping you see the best in yourself, understand who you really are and what drives you. Through her coaching I’ve finally understood my true values and I’m proud of them and for this I’ll forever be thankful."

Private Client

"The best way to spend two hours giving yourself time to work on yourself in a trusted and nurtured environment."

“A new angle of thinking and setting goals, that reflect my deeper needs by exploring and prioritising myself, pushing my boundaries with creativity.”

Group Participants

"Your authenticity and transparency really inspired me, opened me and helped me to feel more "normal" more human. More acceptance."

“It was amazing for me to be able to find out what tools I need to form my future and to be empowered to do so.”

Group Participants

How Can We Work Together?

Book a free session to find out.

I believe transformational experiences such as COVID-19, relocation and parenthood are opportunities to develop inspirational leadership skills. Let's work together to explore what these look like for you.

We live in a unique time for women, for parents, for children and for leaders - there is no “right way”. It's up to each of us to identify our destination and create the path to get there. It can be overwhelming, relentless work. Let me guide you to clarity, give you confidence and increase your capability to enjoy the adventure.

We will discover your life's purpose, identify work you care about, integrate your work into your life, create healthy relationships around you and shift you from exhausted to energised.

​I offer bespoke packages to meet each client's needs. As a guide - for people who want to make a career change or major life transition, I recommend 1 hour of private coaching. We meet on Zoom, twice a month for between 6 and 12 months tailored to YOUR needs.  I include unlimited resources, an audio recording of every session and a ad-hoc support via text messages between sessions.


Please contact me to for more information and pricing

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If you've come as far as you can on your own, want to strengthen your leadership from the inside out and collaborate more effectively, then group coaching is for you.


We will find your voice as a leader and uncover the impact you want to have in the world. By nurturing your intuition, creativity and self-expression you will experience yourself as a powerful, authentic and feminine leader in the company of other supportive, brilliant leaders.

I design intimate and large group sessions, bespoke workshops or webinar tutorials. These work brilliantly in-person or on-line.


Check out my upcoming events or contact me for more information

I design bespoke content to educate and inspire people on leadership topics such as emotional intelligence, working parenthood, workplace diversity, and engaging with creativity.


I can help your team to engage with inspiring passion, authentic values and their creative instinct. I love nothing more than rolling my sleeves up and getting stuck into the hard work of growing sustainable, profitable ideas. 

Let's have a conversation about what you're looking for. Contact me here.

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Work With Me: Services

"After a year of being stuck and overwhelmed and rarely showing up as my best self, Rachel's coaching helped me create a big change in my career and some much needed rewriting of my story. She has a way of holding you lovingly and fiercely so that you can trust yourself and let go of what holds you back. I'm immensely grateful for her feminine wisdom, playful irreverence, and unwillingness to accept mediocrity.
She is a badass."


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What is coaching?

Our work will take you from where you are today to where you want to be. As a guide by your side I will help you to access your full potential, so you go further than you would alone.

As a Co-Active coach I work with the whole of who you are to find answers to YOUR challenges. I use certified coaching tools and a range of personal development techniques to uniquely empower our relationship. My goal is that you create the change you want to see.

We use what you're doing, how you're being and expand your knowing to transform your perspective of what's possible.

Let's discover what’s possible together.

What are my qualifications?

With 40 years experience in life, 19 in corporate business, 8 as a working parent, 4 as an entrepreneur and having called 2 continents home I have a wide range of perspectives to draw on. Also I am :

- certified as a Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

- accredited by International Coaching Federation (PCC)

- on-going participant in Co-Active Leadership training

- on-going participant and leader of feminist groups and inclusion discussions 

- avid learner and researcher of women's issues, leadership skills and personal development techniques

- BSc Psychology, from University of Sheffield, UK

What are my fees?

I offer bespoke packages to each client based on their needs. I want to create a supportive partnership that works for you. Please contact me for more information about pricing.

I offer a complimentary session to anyone who's interested in coaching. It's an opportunity to see if we are a good fit for each other, so you can decide if coaching is right for you. 

If not now, then when?

Find Out More

Get in touch to schedule a no-strings introductory conversation, to discover if I'm a good fit for you or explore how we can collaborate.

Complete this form or email me. When you share your email address I will also sign you up to my very occasional newsletter.

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